Coursing Nazionale Viterbo

Foto e risultati del Coursing Nazionale di Viterbo dell’11 Ottobre 2020, giudicato da Gianni Linari.

Pictures and results about the Lure Coursing National competition that took place on October 11th 2020 in Viterbo, judged by Gianni Linari.


Whippet Sprinter Maschi – 1. EXC. Best Of The Day – Hashtag Di Casa Braveheart – Owner: Paolo Quattrocchi

Levriero Afghano – 1. EXC. – BEST AFGHAN – Garrito Il Moro – Owner: Franco Filipponi

Saluki – 1. EXC. CACL Gamil – Owner: Anna Rita Orsi –

Whippet Standard – 1. EXC. CACL La Donna E’ Mobile Of Victoria’s Gamble – Owner: Claudia Guglielmi

Whippet Sprinter Femmine -. 1. EXC. CACL Rubelia – Owner: Claudia Guglielmi

PLI Standard – 1. EXC. CACL Umbria Jazz Del Colle Folignato – Owner: Simona Micarelli